Thursday, September 30, 2010

A New Breed of Billboard Advertising - The Audi Launch

Audi - a brand that exudes self confidence and progressive thinking; and associated with the latest technology and innovative design, is the perfect brand to pioneer this entirely original concept, a new breed of “billboard” . 

It will display four life-size Audi cars, suspended inside the silver rings of a massive Audi symbol attached to an iconic bridge structure or in front of landmark spaces — the Sydney Harbour Bridge, Brooklyn Bridge, Tower Bridge, Venice. The rings rotate around, light-up at night, and move up and down the bridge. Against the backdrop of spectacular urban architecture.

In addition to the final display, the entire anticipation, creation process, engineering feat of the installation and the specacular launch event will definitely create a buzz in media and social circles.

The anticipation, excitement and buzz will culminate in an epic night-time launch event that we envision including a live symphony orchestra playing on a barge right under the suspended rings or on the bridge itself, a fireworks presentation or a LED light show above the bridge, and the ultimate unveiling of the rings.

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