Friday, March 4, 2011

Discover Boracay Island - Philippines Hottest Tourist Destination

Voted #1 as one of the world’s best beaches & the most popular beach destination, Boracay is one of the most visited islands in the Philippines. The Island, about 7km long is surrounded by several other secluded beaches. Swaying palm trees along the natural powder-white sandy beaches and crystal clear water provides a panoramic view for a perfect sunset sundowner.

Boracay is a vacationer’s paradise, with luxury five star hotels, through traditional bungalows; something for anyone’s budget and taste. There are all sorts of activities on the island; the most famous are golfing, walking, mountain biking, exploring, diving, kite boarding, and windsurfing. 

There are many superb restaurants with food from around the world. Boracay is above else well known for its nightlife, with pubs and bars of all types that are jumping until very late at night. English is the unofficial language in the Philippines and is mainly spoken in Boracay.

Imagine kicking back with your favorite tropical isle cocktail in hand as you watch the breathtaking sunset dip into the tropical ocean in the distance as you listen to calming  music in the background. 

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